The SPECIAL Story Behind

Help a Special Needs Person make a living and have Pride.

Brian (Down's Syndrome) with Diploma and Bowling Ball

Quite a while back we had a need for some replacement mice with the older PS2 style connector for some small computer devices with a PS2 mouse port. We bought some mice from both local computer stores and online that said they had both PS2 and USB connectors. Well, when we opened these up we found that they had a USB connector and came with a USB to PS2 adapter - HOWEVER this didn’t work for our situation since there wasn'’t physical room for the USB/PS2 adapter on the back of the devices we were using.

So, we set out searching for some mice with a REAL PS2 connector on the end and ONLY a PS2 connector. We couldn’'t find any – ANYWHERE other than cheap, worthless, no-name brand imports that were exactly that - WORTHLESS. We kept searching and finally we found a supplier where we could buy some quality, name brand (HP/Compaq/Dell/Logitech) mice with only a PS2 connector, in bulk, in what is known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) packaging (no box, no advertising, no instructions –- just a good, quality mouse in a plastic bag). But, that is EXACTLY what we needed, so we bought a bunch of them.

Being a computer, internet geek, I decided to try something. Buy a domain name ( that described a single product and sell only that product and possibly a few accessories and see if it worked. It did and so we decided to do something EXTRA SPECIAL with

We have a SPECIAL NEEDS son, named Brian, with Down'’s Syndrome. Brian is 25 years old and is non-verbal (can't talk) and developmentally disabled with limited skills. Brian is pictured above with his High School Diploma and his new bowling ball and bag (his favorite past-time). Brian loves to work and help people, so to help him make a little money, we taught him to look at the orders that we get from and determine the quantity ordered (how many), gather that number of mice from the stock bins and prepare to box the order for shipping. We taught him how to fold the flat cardboard into actual boxes, wrap the mouse/mice in bubble wrap and get the package ready for shipping. He is so “proud” each time we get an order and he gets to pack the mice for shipping.

Lately he has even learned how to look at the order and “type” the customer’s information into a computer to create a shipping label and apply the label to the box, ready to go to the post office. He loves going to the local post office - those people are so nice to him.

Because we don'’t sell a lot of these older PS2 mice, we decided in the Fall of 2014 to start selling some USB (not PS2) mice and gradually add a few other products to the site.

We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts –not only for the sale itself BUT for the pride that you help give our son who otherwise might be jobless or have to do something with less pride. It'’s not a lot of work for him but he loves doing it and enjoys making a little money while doing it.

Thank you.

If you don't need a mouse or other item we sell but want to help Brian, you may make a donation by clicking on the Donate button below. Anyone making a contribution over $10 will be mailed a simple hand-signed note from Brian, thanking you for your donation.